How Lisa Marie's Gifts, Home Decor, Z--Bear-Started
Lisa Marie's pays special attention to customers needs and offer exceptional service. This store is more than about making money, it is about feeling good about what you do.

  First off, no I wasn't named after Lisa Marie Presley, but I wish that I had as much money. :-)  How my family was brought up reflects in how we run our business and it shows. 

  We started this business trying to make money due to the fact that I have a serious chronic illness which prevents me from working outside of my home and we all know what an impact that can do to us financially. Well, now it is about so much more than that.

   Having this business makes me feel more productive & thus makes me feel better mentally & physically which helps everyone involved. We truly enjoy selling these high quality products because we believe in them. We look forward to doing business with you & you can be assured that we will give you the best possible service. If you view our Guest book and testimonials, plus our message board we believe you will see that we have allot of support in people, ranging from, customers, friends,  family, and in everything that we testify to. If you need to reach me by phone then please email me and I will be more than happy to share that information. You just cannot be too careful these days I am finding out.

As of last night I took my last order where you can pay by check unless you have a history with me, but you can always fax your credit card information and I can process it that way also. If you absolutely need to pay by check, then write me and give me your phone number and what would be a good time to call. Do not worry if you already placed an order as it will be processed just as I said it will be previous to this new rule.

  You can reach us @ or (321) 695-6012. If you are having a difficult time trying to decide what type of gift or what home decor would look right in your home, then we will do my our best with giving you advice, and or give you some suggestions.

  Sincerely, from everyone at Lisa Marie's Gifts Galore


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