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Winter scene musical water globe
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Lynne Welytok
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1:59 PM
Need help, my daughter received this gift for Christmas a couple years ago. The water is no longer clear, but has a brownish film in it. It is suppose to have snow but it if you turn it upside down to have the snow fall it is so murky that you can hardly see it. Do you know anyone that could help us replace the liquid inside so we could in joy this gift, once again. My daughter, Chelsea is disabled and really enjoyed seeing the scene and snow and we'd like to make it available to her again. Thanks for any help you can give us. Lynne
Lisa Marie

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2:58 PM
Lynne Welytok,

Thank you so much for inquiring about repairing snow globes. While researching the matter I have come across some interesting articles & supplies for making snow globes. I do believe I am going to have to try my hand at making some now.
I also have a snow globe that is need of repair.
I do appreciate your visiting my website & I am so glad that you brought this to my attention. Do not be surprised if you start seeing some snow globes that I have created on my website in the future & I am thinking about selling the kits to make them.

Any product links that I send you I am not affiliated with whatsoever so I cannot tell you what reputation that they have as far as customer service.

I do hope that this email will help you in bringing a smile to your daughters face if these articles & or products bring a solution to your problem. I searched the internet thoroughly & the main thing that I found was books on repairing them & snow globe kits.

Here are the links to the articles & products that I am referring you to as follows:

If that link does not work, then type in snow globe kit.;=37;=glance

Thank you for visiting my website & please feel free to ask anymore questions that you may have & if you could please let me know if you find exactly how to fix your snow globe. I suggest that you loosen the globe off with a heat gun making sure that you do not get it too hot, but just hot enough to remove the glue slowly. I do believe from the articles that I sent that once you get the globe off, then you can fill it with your new water & glitter if that is what you choose.

Warm wishes,

Lisa Bernbaum