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2:36 PM
Hi Lisa, I saw the scrapbook/wedding album and it is absolutely Gorgeous. I was curious as to what it is made from? I did not see anywhere where it stated what it is made from, on your page or your affiliates page. Am I just missing it or is it not available?
Lisa Marie

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10:49 AM
Thanks so much for asking about the beautiful wedding book. I have contacted my affiliate & I am waiting on an awnser about the wedding book. I wish that I had found this item before I was married because it is so absolutely beautiful! I will be sure to post the awnser the minute I receive it. If you would like to contact me personally then you can email me at:
Have a great day!
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Lisa Marie

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3:45 PM
I have found out that the weddding book is made of, Resin/Stone, paper. I am so happy that I could help you in this matter & feel free to ask anymore questions that you might have.
Beat regards,
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