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New newsletter just finished! In your new newsletter I am offering substantial discounts for subscribers and also an update on some of my new products gifts and home decor. You will also be fortunate enough to receive a note from the talented creator of Z--Bears. 

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You also have the chance if you choose to submit any special holiday story, family recipes, decorating ideas, or experiences you have had as a customer, or subscriber of my newsletter. Let me know if you would like them to be published either on my website or in my newsletter, or both for that matter and I will be more than happy to read it and if suitable publish it with your permission as long as it is yours to share.

* I will send you great heads-up on special savings, and also if there is that something special that you would love to have then you can have that one on one relationship with me via email, and maybe we can work something out to get you want your heart desires. I know how hard you work for your monies, or can't work outside of the home for that matter, and how difficult it can be to treat yourself to that special something so here at Lisa Marie's Gifts Galore I will listen.

* I am looking forward to sending you these newsletters, and savings, and I hope that you, and your family have a very happy holiday!
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