Gift Certificate/Gift Card

I have added these gorgeous paper type Gift Certificates that I purchased from Action Bag, in the colors of pink, green, or white, that I can mail to you or the recipient that really stand out and will look beautiful in their matching envelope or in a greeting card that you might want to slip it in. I am offering these in Pink, White, and Green, but will be adding other colors at a later time. I believe the colors will suit the need for a women or a man and are a very nice touch and also quite professional looking as well as elegant. You can use these for Lisa Marie's Gifts Galore and also for my beauty website. You can email support at and you can expect an answer to all of your questions within 24 hours.

 You can have the Gift Certificate in increments starting at $10.00 and then in increments of 10, 20, and so forth.


Gorgeous Gift Certificates for Lisa Marie's Gifts and Beauty




These Gift Certificates are only good for Lisa Marie's Gifts Galore website, and are not used for my affiliate so once you leave this website into the AFFILIATE website which you can tell right away because if you look at the name it is not Lisa Marie's Gifts Galore at the top unless it is my beauty products which these gift certificates are good for as well. If you have any questions regarding the Gift Certificates email me at



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